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What is it?

“ALCO BLOCKER” – this tool is created directly to quickly fix the problem. Drops were developed in Germany and produced with the consideration of modern technologies. The drug is simply added to food, so a person who has a dependence on alcohol may not even know about treatment. But, believe me, when he gets rid of addiction, he will certainly thank you for saving his life.

Doctors opinion

Doctors opinion AlcoBlocker
Cristian Nicolescu - Doctor
Alcoholism is a terrible disease that a person can not handle on his own. But now quickly get rid of alcohol dependence without breaking and the desire to drink again is quite real.                             To date, there is a unique tool that differs from all the existing tools before. This joint development of Russian and Swiss scientists is a means of ALCO BLOCKER, which consists exclusively of natural components. It helps a person to easily give up alcohol without breaking, a desire to drink again and side effects. The main difference between ALCO BLOCKER is that it eliminates the main cause of craving for alcohol - it restores the production of natural dopamine by the body, completely removing the addiction without hangover syndrome, cancellation and harm to health. The admission of ALCO BLOCKER means that you will get rid of alcohol dependence for only 1 course.


In the preparation "ALCO BLOCKER" exclusively natural components. The complex is as follows: Gotu kola / aloe vera / brahmi - this group of components inhibits the desire to drink, causing receptors to react negatively not only to the taste, but even to the very smell of alcohol, which is a prevention of frustration; gamma-linolenic acid / thyme / centaury - this group of components is designed to restore the health of organs, stimulate toxins / poisons, strengthen immunity; motherwort / oil ghee / cyanosis Altai - this group of components is designed to protect against depressive and nervousness. Also these components help to calmly survive the refusal of alcohol and normalize sleep; Curcuma - increases approximately 30-fold the effect of each of the above-described component.

Instructions for use

"ALCO BLOCKER" is used for 30 days. Or they can be added to the dishes according to the instructions that are attached to the drug.



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