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What is it?

The cream for breast augmentation “Big Bust” is a breakthrough in the modern cosmetic industry. He is recognized as one of the most effective and effective tools in this field. And no wonder, after all for creation of such miracle not one year the whole group of qualified experts worked.
As a result of their research, the optimal version of the composition of this universal preparation was found. After conducting clinical trials, “Big Bust” gave the female breast elegance and symmetrical elasticity.

Doctors opinion

Doctors opinion Big Bust
Adela Dumitruová - Doktorka biologických vied Profesorka
Mnoho moderných žien sa už stretlo s nutnosťou estetického modelovania poprsia. Takmer všetky chcú dosiahnuť luxusný tvar. A nie je sa ani čomu čudovať, veď dekolt bol vždy oblasťou zvýšenej pozornosti mužov. Vďaka každodennému používaniu krému sa objem pŕs zvýši už za 3-4 týždne, tvar poprsia bude okrúhlejší a napnutejší a pokožka bude pružná a zamatová. Krém prešiel klinickými štúdiami, ktoré vykonali odborníci Svetovej zdravotníckej organizácie v 14 krajinách sveta. Tisíc žien sa presvedčilo o účinkoch krému BigBust.


Gel "Big Bust" for women is a real storehouse of useful substances. The unique composition of cream-gel allows you to increase the bust in minimum terms and restore the lost elasticity to it. So, the structure of the miracle cure includes: Hyaluronic acid, which is the basis for the manufacture of numerous products in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology; active althea compounds, gently penetrating the breast tissue and beneficially affecting their condition; extract of hops, designed to normalize the water-fat balance in the tissues of the breast, giving them maximum elasticity, as well as to provide greater elasticity of tissues; oat extract, which provides an irreproachable smoothing and tightening effect of the delicate bust skin; extract of wormwood, designed to form accumulations of lipids in the required areas to fill the problem areas.

Instructions for use

The cream is an excellent addition to the massage of the bust, which should be carried out on a daily basis for 30 minutes in circular motions. The product is applied to the clean skin of the bust with the bypass of the nipples. Frequency of application - 2 times a day. Enough small amount of product, rubbed in about 2 minutes. The duration of the course is 1 month with a break for 2 weeks.


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