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What is it?

Lotion for hair growth Bliss Hair is an innovative product that helps to care for the weak and sparse hairs. It restores its natural strength and stimulates the growth of new.


The ingredients of the product are exclusively herbal active substances. Ultra-nutrient complex for hair and skin includes the following plant extracts: avocado, Polygonum multiflorum, alfalfa, ligustikuma Sichuan, Centella asiatica. Let us consider the characteristics of the components: Avocado. Contains vitamins F, E, D, B. the Facility has the ability to penetrate deeply under the skin, delivering nutrients. Effectively solves problems of dryness, skin peeling, appearance of dandruff and hair loss. Extract of alfalfa. This tonic. Promotes good assimilation of nutrients in the scalp and the hair follicles. Improves blood circulation and provides better blood flow to the hair follicles. An extract of Polygonum multiflorum. Considered antioxidants and has a powerful rejuvenating effect. Actively prevents hair loss and formation of gray hair. Centella asiatica extract. Substance stimulates the synthesis of collagen, improves blood circulation in the scalp, and destroys free radicals. Prevents dryness of skin and hair. Due to the content of asiaticoside stimulates hair growth. Extract ligusticum Sichuan. Has a conditioning effect on the scalp. Improves blood circulation, tones, heals mikroranki, soothes and regenerates the surface of the dermis.

Instructions for use

Apply lotion against hair loss simply at home. It does not take much time. Guide to Bliss Hair is as follows: 1.Wash your hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo. Allowed the use of air conditioning. 2.Dry them with a towel and almost dry apply. Also, don't forget to treat the scalp. 3.RUB the medication gently massaging in the head for two minutes. 4.After the tool is evenly distributed on the head, leave it to soak in. 5.Rinsing is not necessary. After applying, you can use styling and drying hair. For maximum effect it is recommended to use the drug course. Every week it is necessary to apply 3-4 times. The course is not less than two months.


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