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What is it?

Cellfood Cream is a remedy against fungus and a new word in the treatment of this unpleasant infectious disease. If you ever experienced a strong sensation of itching on your feet, you will understand how important it is to have such a drug in your medicine cabinet. I already used it twice. The first time I used the cream myself, the second time I cured my husband. Now I prefer to keep the tube in reserve, so if that – be ready to fight back the infection already at the first symptoms.


The composition of the cream Cellfood Cream includes the best and proven components that can fight with the foot fungus. It: celandine oil. Immediately stops the existing bleeding, relieves itching, has an antiseptic and wound-healing effect. Native musk beaver hood. Softens the nail plate, which because of the fungus hardens and thickens. Improves her condition, returns a healthy color, and relieves heels from cracks and dryness. Extract of St. John's wort. Strengthens and restores disturbed blood circulation, promotes rapid renewal of the affected surface, resists the appearance of vascular asterisks, eliminates venous congestion. Struggles with harmful microorganisms. Melissa oil. Reduces the feeling of burning and discomfort, softens the skin surface, gives it tenderness, moisturizes and nourishes deep layers, relieves irritation. In addition to these components, useful plants include mother-and-stepmother, valerian and string. And here comes the tea mushroom and horseradish extract.

Instructions for use

"Cellfood Cream" is applied to the nails and the skin of the feet 2 times a day. It must be distributed by massage movements to the affected area, and also to capture nearby areas of unchanged tissues. Course of application: preventive - 15 days; therapeutic - 30 days. The manufacturer recommends that you apply the cream "Cellfood Cream" on your feet in the evening, just before bedtime. This allows us to extend the duration of its effect on the pathogenic fungal flora.


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