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What is it?

Highly active black toothpaste Denta Black is specially created for those who need maximum freshness of breath, natural whiteness of healthy teeth and a long antibacterial effect.


An extract of juniper berries and a complex of active ingredients provide protection from bacteria and plaque formation. Highly effective antiseptic prevents the reproduction of bacteria and maintains the tone of the gums. German birch charcoal bleaches, absorbs odor and adsorbs pollution, and also forms a unique, shiny black paste. Pasta effectively and safely whitens teeth, inhibits the growth of bacteria and keeps fresh breath, effectively protects from the formation of tartar and normalizes the pH of saliva. Terrible aroma of juniper.

Instructions for use

To obtain the desired effect, it is sufficient to use the agent twice a day. After applying for the whole day there is a feeling of freshness and smoothness of the enamel. The black patches are pleasant to the taste and have a noticeable whitening effect. She copes with the plaque that accumulates between the teeth and near the gums. In modern clinics hygienists recommend Denta Black, as an effective tool for home whitening.


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