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What is it?

Fitospray – a new product for weight loss, which allows you to lose those extra pounds without much effort. Use this spray is quite simple – just a couple of pshiks before eating, to eliminate hunger, refresh the mouth and give the body vigor and energy.

Doctors opinion

Doctors opinion FitoSpray
Bryan A. Richie
The struggle against excess weight in a fast pace of urgent daily matters and the "prison" of a sit down lifestyle is more relevant now than ever. Regular overeating, abuse of high-calorie and unhealthy foods are some of the main obstacles in the fight for health and figure. Taming appetite and losing weight are not easy tasks for those who live in the modern world. Therefore, scientists have created a unique way to deliver weight loss substances to the body. Dietary oral spray fits two key requirements- ease of use and rapid penetration of active substances into the body. The mucous membrane of the mouth is rich in surface blood vessels. Therefore, the spray's active components get sucked into the blood immediately after it's application. They begin to work from that point: distributed via the blood flow through the body, they reach the liver and fat deposits and connect to receptors on the cell membranes. As a result, every dose of the stray affects the entire body. This spray is convenient and effective to use.


Green coffee The main ingredient in the composition of Phytospray is green coffee, has an antibacterial effect, speeds up metabolic processes, reduces fatigue, normalizes digestion and the functioning of the circulatory system. Goji berries Beta-sitosterol berries have a deleterious effect on cholesterol. Goji is known for cleansing properties, blood is rejuvenated, and slags are eliminated. Garcinia Hydroxylcitric acid, contained in the garcinia extract in large quantities, reduces the formation of fatty acids, increases fat oxidation, respectively, a decrease in appetite. Mango and Acai Aspiration Normalize the work of digestion, eliminating the toxins and accumulated plaques of cholesterol, contribute to the accelerated absorption of protein. Components of Fito Spray for weight loss make up the balance of vitamin complexes, normalize the work of the heart, blood and endocrine systems. Lemon acid The substance acts in a cleansing way: it removes toxins, accelerates metabolism, quenches the feeling of hunger. Peppermint and menthol Refresh receptors in the oral cavity, thereby dulling the desire to eat. Cooling components of Phyto Spray reduce the level of stress, soothe the nervous system, the desire to "seize" the problems that arise does not arise. L-Carnitine Recycles fats into energy, thereby preventing the appearance of cellulite.

Instructions for use

Apply dietary spray is very simple - just spray the substance in the mouth, pressing the dispenser 1-2 times. Use 3-4 times a day, between meals. It is advisable not to use Fitospray 3-4 hours before bedtime, as the substance in it has an energy effect and can interfere with night rest. Detailed instructions for use are also indicated on the packaging. The best effect can be obtained if you combine a slimming spray with an easy diet and minimal physical exertion.


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