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“Goji Original” has recently become widely known in our country, but already enjoy considerable demand. This is due to their unusual taste and a variety of useful properties that make them simply an indispensable product. So, it is already proved that they have antiviral, tonic and antioxidant effect, increase immunity and improve the work of organs. But even this is not all. These fruits can also help a person get rid of a few kilograms, which makes them simply irreplaceable for thousands of people.

Doctors opinion

Doctors opinion Goji Original
Mattia Conti
Gli uomini non sono al corrente del pericolo rappresentato dall’obesità viscerale. Tuttavia il grasso che “si deposita” sulle pareti dei vasi sanguigni e sugli organi interni, provoca gravi malattie, che sono molto più facili da prevenire che da curare. Al fine di eliminare dal corpo il grasso in eccesso, vi consiglio l’assunzione di Goji Original, studiata appositamente per gli uomini.


"Goji Original" is really unique. It's all about their composition, thanks to which they have truly miraculous properties. No wonder the plant was awarded such unofficial names as shamballa and superfruit. Let's look at the composition of the product to believe in the magic of nature: 19 amino acids, some of which are irreplaceable for our body; 21 minerals, including potassium and iron, calcium and copper, manganese and phosphorus, zinc, selenium, as well as germanium - the so-called anti-cancer element (preventing cell degeneration), which is very rarely found in berries and fruits; Vitamins (group B, nicotinic and ascorbic acids, tocopherol, betaine); Fatty acids (Omega-3, -6, -9); Antioxidants; 4 polysaccharide, etc.

Instructions for use

"Goji Original" can be poured with boiling water, insist for a few minutes and taken separately from other food. You can add a few berries in the tea, and you can even just have dry berries. Still goji berries are used as an additive in salads, soups, they can be put in porridge or added to flakes for breakfast. It is best to make tea from goji berries in the morning. They have a tonic effect.


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