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What is it?

Hair MegaSpray is the name of a product that effectively fights against hair loss, hair loss, significantly strengthens them along the entire length. MegaSpray will be of great benefit to hair, suffering from daily styling, curling and frequent tinting. In its composition natural natural components – oils and extracts from plants, a special vitamin formula. Contains the drug in a special flacon-spray (volume of 26 ml). It is convenient and economical to use; “Squirts” a certain dose. The product has been certified, and therefore has an international “quality mark”. The manufacturer claims that the result will be visible after 2 weeks (with daily use).

Doctors opinion

Doctors opinion Hair Megaspray
Marie Novotná
Problém padání vlasů se v určité podobě dotýká všech, bez ohledu na pohlaví. Současný stav životního prostředí, nepřetržitý stres v práci a nevyvážená strava dále přispívají ke zhoršení stavu vlasové pokožky a vlasů. V důsledku toho vlasy ztrácí lesk, sílu a objem, třepí se, lámou a padají. Jako odborník v péči o vlasy jsem během své kariéry vyzkoušel řadu produktů , které mým pacientům, i v rámci domácí léčby, měly pomoci vlasy posílit, zlepšit jejich vzhled, a uzdravit strukturu vlasu. Sprej na vlasy HAIR MEGASPRAY MEGASPRAY je opravdový objev! Jeho přírodní složky účinně regenerují roztřepené, křehké a poškozené vlasy. Klinické studie prokázaly účinnost spreje v boji proti plešatosti a vypadávání vlasů.


Hair megaspray - a unique cosmetic product that has a positive effect on the condition of the head of hear. All components included in the spray from hair loss, combined in such a way that the effect of the drug begins literally after the first application. oil burdock - has the property to feed strands and bulbs, and also significantly reduce the amount of dandruff, until complete disposal of it; argan oil - in the composition of hair megaspray is used as a growth stimulant and protection from ultraviolet. In addition, this ingredient strengthens the hair, reduces its loss, and also activates blood circulation; nettle and chamomile pharmacy in the form of extracts - work here as a natural antiseptic and hair color enhancer, and soften strands and protect them from brittleness; coconut and avocado - this version uses the fruit butter that is a part of Megaspree and protects the locks from damage, protects them from falling out, and also improves the structure of the hair and nourishes the follicles; extract of red hot pepper and cinnamon oil - these ingredients, like chamomile, work as antibacterial, soothing and anti-inflammatory agents; vitamins A and E - these fat-soluble components that make up hair megaspray are quite often found in preparations intended for hair and skin care, which promote growth stimulation, fight with loss, and improve their elasticity.

Instructions for use

One of the advantages of HairMegaSpray for hair is its convenience and ease of use. There are only three steps: 1. Before use, do not forget to shake the bottle. Spray "pshikaya" on the scalp close to the roots and hair. Then do a little massage: light massage movements rub the useful composition of Hair MegaSpray. 2. Create a thermal effect: you wrap your head in a plastic shawl or shower cap and on top with a towel. 3. Hold for at least 1 hour. Then the compress is removed, and the head is cleaned in the usual way. After about two weeks of such procedures, the result will be noticeable.


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