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What is it?

Heart Tonic is a natural remedy for hypertension that affects the cause of the disease, reducing the risk of getting a heart attack or stroke.
For more than 8 years, scientists have been developing a drug formula that can eliminate the 5 main causes of hypertension. Several natural substances combined together and received an effective medicine Heart Tonic, normalizing blood pressure.


Heart Tonic consists of 100% natural ingredients: The extract of St. John's wort removes slags and toxins from the vessels, helps eliminate cholesteric plaques and other harmful deposits; Chestnut extract acts soothingly, saturates the cells with vitamins; Extract from maral blood (mammal) promotes early cell regeneration, improves immunity, relaxes; Bee venom improves the overall blood flow, dilutes blood and reduces the concentration of sugar in it; Bioflavonoids help to cleanse the vascular walls and blood, promote effective hemopoiesis; Extract of larch ordinary leads to normal metabolism; Extract of ginkgo biloba participates in the process of hematopoiesis; Extraction of acacia white helps to get rid of extra pounds and raise immunity.

Instructions for use

The recommended course of treatment is 25 days. You need to use Heart Tonic tincture 3 times a day to improve your health and fix the effect. Depending on the severity of the disease, reception can be increased or decreased. Detailed information on the correct intake and dosage is on the package of the medication.


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