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What is it?

Maca Powder is a plant presumably possessing the properties of an aphrodisiac. By this term is usually meant a substance that enhances sexual desire. Sometimes it also has the ability to stimulate an erection in men.


Maca has in its composition a lot of valuable substances and elements that have a multifaceted impact on the state of the body: The amides of fatty acids contained in the Peruvian poppy have a very effective effect on male power; the various alkaloids in the plant have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the genitourinary system; Thiocyanates and glucosinolates have a pronounced antitumor effect. Also in Peruvian poppy there are many valuable for the healthy existence of human minerals, among which especially useful are copper, zinc, iron, phosphorus and calcium. As for vitamins, they are also present in the composition of this plant - E, C, B12, B2 and B1. All of them make the supplement even more effective and valuable.

Instructions for use

How to use Maca Powder: the desired amount of extract is diluted in 1 glass of warm liquid. The daily rate can be divided into 2-3 receptions - such a fractional use does not affect the effectiveness of the drug. Instructions for the use of Peruvian poppies involve the course use of the drug. The standard daily dosage for the treatment of diseases and sexual dysfunctions is 1200 mg. The first two days, we recommend taking the Peruvian poppy in less quantity to make sure there is no allergy. Then you can start drinking the recommended dosage of 1200 mg. With preventive administration of the drug, the dosage can be reduced to 500 mg.


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