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What is it?

Neofessen — dietary herbal complex that stimulates accelerated burning of fats in the human body. The drug can be used with success with increased appetite, obesity of different degrees, slow metabolism and high cholesterol.


When developing the formula funds Neofessen for weight loss the scientists had the task not only high efficiency but also good tolerability and safety for health. For this reason, preference was given to the only natural ingredients that meet all the basic requirements. The main active ingredients of the drug are the following herbal ingredients: Cambodian Garcinia prevents the synthesis of subcutaneous fat from carbohydrates, reduces appetite and craving for sweet food, stimulates the metabolism, accelerates the metabolism; Forskolin speeds up the breakdown of fat, stimulates protein synthesis, normalizes hormonal balance, improves blood circulation. In addition to the main active substances in the complex for weight loss were included, and other components, which further enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the formula. Among them: green coffee extract — speeds up the course of metabolic processes, contributes to the rapid breakdown of fat, energizes the body with energy and increases efficiency; the trace mineral chromium — reduces cravings for sweets, activates metabolic processes involved in the formation of sufficient muscle mass, normalizes work of the endocrine glands. Due to the combined action of these ingredients, achieved a good result in getting rid of excess weight, especially when combined with an active lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Instructions for use

To achieve the desired results, you must adhere to simple recommendations on the use of weight loss products. The capsules should be taken once a day one 30 minutes before Breakfast and the second 30 minutes before lunch. The course duration is a minimum of 30 days, further treatment should be discussed with your doctor.


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