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What is it?

PowerUp Premium – special capsules, which accelerate the collection of dry muscle mass, increases energy and is instant recovery after physical exertion. Properly selected by the experts a mixture of important and useful amino acids in the composition of the supplement makes it possible to significantly increase the effectiveness of training during the compressed deadlines and to surpass oneself. In addition, the drug prevents damage to muscle tissue, fatigue.


PowerUp Premium is a useful protein mixture containing several types of protein, which differ from each other in the rate of assimilation, due to which the drug produces tremendous results. It includes: 8 kinds of proteins. They play a huge role in the process of recruiting muscle mass, and this process will occur systematically, rather than jerks. Carbohydrates. Manufacturers have included them in the composition specifically to prevent the possibility of developing problems with the digestive system. Thanks to carbohydrates you will feel absolutely comfortable. Glutamine and excipients. These components help to avoid the catabolic effect, when the muscle mass begins to be split by the body itself. In addition, glutamine serves as a kind of "fuel" during exercise.

Instructions for use

Use the product as follows: for 45 minutes you drink 2 capsules, and the same take about 20 minutes after the end of training. In those days when you do not have classes, you need to use PowerUp Premium once a day, preferably in the morning. In order for the drug to be better absorbed, pay attention to several useful tips from specialists: Include in the menu as much fiber as possible. It is found in large quantities in bananas, black currants, apples, apricots, citrus, cabbage, carrots, beets, tomatoes, legumes, peanuts, grains, rye and black bread. Fiber promotes proper digestion. Do not use the drug on an empty stomach, this can lead to negative consequences. Eliminate the combined method. Accepting several additives at the same time can lead to the leveling of their actions, so if you chose PowerUp Premium, discard the remaining funds. Strictly observe the dosage.


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