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What is it?

The “UpSize” preparation is developed for all women who consider it necessary to correct their own bust. The cream will not only significantly improve the tone of the skin, but it is also used for breast augmentation, giving splendor and attractiveness to the forms.


Upsize can safely be called the most natural and safe drug. It consists of only components of natural origin, which can not do any harm to a woman. The main ingredient is phytoestrogens. They act similarly to female hormones, but at the same time do not affect the internal hormonal background of the body. Their effect is only on the cells of the mammary glands, due to which the bust begins to grow, becomes elastic and increases in volume. Also in the composition of this drug you can find other auxiliary substances that have caring properties and give the skin of the breast elasticity, elasticity and velvety. As a result, soft tissues and ligaments strengthen, the bust really lifts and begins to look in a new way.

Instructions for use

The presented remedy is easy to use right at home and you do not need any special skills. It is recommended to apply it only on clean skin, so you can take a shower before use, if necessary. Then a small amount of cream with gentle, massaging movements is applied to the chest, a little rubbed and left for ten minutes until completely absorbed into the skin surface. As for massaging movements, they are recommended to be done only clockwise. Use the cream twice a day. After a while you will be able to admire the first notable results.


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