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Varyforte contains only natural ingredients that can not only prevent the development of varicose veins, but cure it. It does not give rise to addiction and will help in the fight against the disease, even with its most complicated forms. The first improvements become noticeable after the first course of gel therapy. It will be possible to observe how swelling and leg cramps go away, instead of this limb will acquire lightness and strength, and veins will restore their correct form. Varyforte participated in a large number of clinical trials and, due to their successful passage, received a corresponding certificate of quality. In addition, its effectiveness was confirmed by 91 percent of patients suffering from varicose veins. This newest drug is able to get rid of varicose veins without resorting to surgical intervention.

Doctors opinion

Doctors opinion Varyforte
Vincent Bakule - chirurg, 15 rokov praxe
Nemôžeme dostatočne zdôrazniť význam krémov na kŕčové žily ako súčasť komplexnej liečby tohto ochorenia! Ich účinnosť je ťažké preceňovať, a to najmä pokiaľ ide o moderný produkt Varyforte. Tento krém sa osvedčil, ukázal skutočné výsledky aj v prípade pacientov, ktorí toho veľa neočakávali. Môžete ho používať doma, pokiaľ možno každý deň, jemne vtierať do postihnutej oblasti. Priaznivý účinok sa ukáže prekvapivo rýchlo. Pacienti uvádzajú, že bolesť zmizne, rovnako ako únava v nohách a rukách, opuch sa zmenšuje. To potvrdzujem a odporúčam Varyforte všetkým!


To combat the disease, researchers have worked very hard to create an effective tool. The gel is made from natural ingredients. The main components of the drug are: extract of ginkgo biloba - returns elasticity, normalizes blood regulation, clears from slags, eliminates venous stagnation; bee venom - removes puffiness, resolves thrombi, removes spasms and pain in the legs; pant concentrate - dissolves thrombi, restores damaged tissue, fights with thrombus formation.

Instructions for use

For proper treatment of varices Varyforte should be applied 2 times a day. The process of rubbing should be gradual and accompanied by massage movements. It is not recommended to use gel on mucous membranes and areas that are damaged. For maximum effect, the use of the drug should be long and appropriate to the prescribed course of treatment.


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