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What is it?

The drug Viatonica foot cream is a natural cream – it will be an ideal alternative to any high-tech medications that you used before it. Varicose veins become a mass disease. And only this drug is able to permanently rid you of serious and dangerous ailments, you will bypass surgical intervention. Cream Viatonica reviews got admired


For the preparation of Viatonica, extracts and plant extracts are used, the medicinal properties of which have been known since a long time. So, let's see what components can eliminate varicose veins: Rutin. This substance is contained in some types of plants (dandelion, black currant, rosemary, fragrant rue, buckwheat), as well as in citrus fruits and berries. Scientists have made an amazing discovery - routine is extremely useful for the circulatory system. Mongolian pecker. Narrows the capillaries, removes the vascular network, smoothes the surface of the skin, heals the damage. Oil of red palm. Has spasmolytic effect, reduces vascular permeability. Horse chestnut. Tones and strengthens veins, relieves stagnation, protects against thrombosis. Willow extractor. Eliminates cramps, tingling, stiffness. Extract of grapes. Prevents cellular destruction, stops the development of the disease, protects against further pathological changes. Sagan Daila. Stabilizes intravenous pressure, resolves thrombi. Highlander Baldzhuansky. Slows the processes of premature aging, rejuvenates the skin.

Instructions for use

The scheme of application is quite simple. You need to squeeze a little cream on the palm, apply it to the skin and gently rub it until it is completely absorbed. This action should be done 2-3 times a day throughout the month. Please note that only daily procedures will give a positive result, so they should not be missed! If necessary, the course can be extended (in very severe cases, treatment takes 6-8 weeks).



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