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What is it?

Biomagnets Zerosmoke is one of the most widely used anti-nicotine additives on the market. Producers argue that with their help, you can finally cope with the bad habit, and, to do this will not be difficult. If you also want to try them in the case and want to find out what the Zerossocom set is, the instructions to it are presented below.


The upper layer of magnets consists of gold plating (24 carats), which prevents the occurrence of allergic skin reactions. Magnets put pressure on a specific point of the auricle, which is identical to acupuncture. As a result of the wearing of magnets, the activation of individual parts of the brain begins, which affect the person's tobacco dependence.

Instructions for use

Having the properties of mutual attraction, the magnets firmly hold on the ear. A smaller magnet is placed in the inner part of the ear, and the magnet needs to be applied more from the outside. Use the device Zeroskom need daily, the duration of wearing should be four hours. Less than two hours to wear magnets is not recommended, but it is best that during their impact the patient is in a state of rest, if possible.


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