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What is it?

Caviar Mask – is a new generation rejuvenation merchandise made to remove all polyunsaturated changes at the genetic level. The large technologies found in the mask trigger the activity of fibroblasts and initiate the process of cell regeneration, triggering the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

This caviar mask’s formulation contains caviar extract, liquid snail slime and gold, that raise the skin’s firmness and elasticity. The”adjusted” hyaluronic acid of low”molecular weight” provides deep nutrition and”smart” multilevel humidification. Application of the mask softens skin tone deep wrinkles and miniature aid.

The innovative structure of the mask imitates the lipid structure of the stratum corneum and, thus, instantly provides the heavy layers of the epidermis, ensuring a perceptible rejuvenating effect with the active components.


The ideal biocompatibility of Caviar Mask using the skin guarantees high performance and a durable rejuvenating effect.Apply the mask on regions of the human body where skin is more susceptible to premature aging (based on scientific research ). Use the mask and let it act for 15 minutes. Wash with water and apply lotion or ointment. Repeat 2-4 times a week * * A single class is calculated by means of a professional following the consultation.

Instructions for use

4 components that are Important to revive your Own Youth: Black Caviar Extract Smoothes skin and reduces most of of observable wrinkles by 99.9 percent. Eliminates age spots and dark circles under the eyes. Prevents premature aging. 24K gold from form Nourishes and regenerates skin deeply. Improves the functions of avoiding sun exposure the dermis and also the penetration of germs. Filtered snail slime (mucin) The snail drool that is filtered activates the branch of fibroblasts, assisting to restore elasticity, thickness and the lipid barrier of the fibers that are matrix. Accentuates the contour of your face, makes the colour. Collagen Collagen IQ It compensates for the lack of collagen in skin, normalizes the water balance, reinforces the intercellular bonds also gives a wholesome glow to the skin.


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