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What is it?

It is a non-analogue of the penis.
In many cases, it is a small penis. This is the result of the presence of certain substances. It is a fact that it is not necessary to receive sexual intercourse. DEEPER – products made specifically to solve male problems


The skin of the penis marginally. Subsequently, it is clear that the balance of the air flow is reduced. Having a span of a few seconds, switch the number and amount of motions. The entire process should take ten to twenty minutes. In this time, the lotion disturbs all the above mentioned features and absorbs the skin of the penis.

Instructions for use

DEEPER cream Includes the following Materials: Peppermint Extract (Boost the diameter of the penis); Sodium polymers on oil base (Natural adhesion) Verbena (strengthening of the genitals); Hyaluronic acid (Helps increase penis quantity) Zachic acid (when interacting with lactic acid activating the cell division process); Fruit acids (boost blood circulation by harmful chemicals) Dimethiconum (human body cavity located in the manhood) This is the case with the guidelines for the use of this drug.


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