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What is it?

The first plant ultra-concentrate Fizzy Slim that dissolve body fat due to the natural acceleration of metabolism! As a result, you lose weight by yourself because your metabolism will come to a healthy condition within 14 days! The drug Fizzy Slim will help you to lose those extra pounds regardless of the reason you gained the extra weight. Say “no” to visceral and subcutaneous fat!


Tannins of green tea. Supply a large number of antioxidants, which slow down the internal aging processes. Thanks to this component, a person is saturated with less food, the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood comes back to normal, the body is cleansed of toxins and toxins, and excess fluid is eliminated. Extracts of exotic fruits. Provide the body with the necessary trace elements and acids, which contribute to the process of losing weight and the fact that the result is kept for a long time. Hoodia Gordoni. It blocks the approaching strong feeling of hunger, helps to control appetite, is responsible for rapid satiation and protects a person from systematic overeating, especially in the evening. Extraction of pineapple. Accelerates metabolism, increases the activity of gastric juice, promotes rapid digestion of protein products. Phytosterols. They promote active cleavage of fat cells, reduce body volumes, eliminate cellulite even in the advanced stage.

Instructions for use

Use Fizzy Slim is very simple and convenient at home. It is released in the form of dragees, which dissolve in any liquid. It can be boiled water, juice or compote. Take them half an hour before meals. And the procedure itself should be done twice a day, in the morning and evening. As for the last dose of pills, it is necessary that it take place 4 hours before bedtime. This is a mandatory condition that must be observed. But at the same time it will not be necessary to change your habitual way of life, and you will not have to give up the most favorite and high-calorie dishes. Weight will go off naturally and quickly enough. With the duration of the entire course, you can read the instructions that are attached to this drug. And you can just use it until the person gets the expected result, and his figure does not get close to the ideal state.


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