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What is it?

Fungalor is a modern drug whose active effect is directed at the effective elimination of fungal infection of the legs and nail plates. The main proof of its qualitative impact is the huge amount of positive feedback from grateful patients.
The low price for Fungalor cream from fungus is due to the fact that the drug is sold directly from the manufacturer without pharmacy and store mark-ups. This allows you to make the tool available to everyone. Cream Fungalor from the fungus will help to quickly defeat this unpleasant disease. It is enough one course application that the fungus for ever left your body.

Doctors opinion

Doctors opinion Fungalor
Chiara - 28 anni
Sono una donna delle pulizie, e indosso scarpe chiuse tutto il giorno. I piedi sudano tantissimo e così le malattie fungine si propagano. Ho subito ordinato Fungalor e ho disinfettato le mie scarpe con del succo di limone. La crema mi ha aiutata molto, la pelle secca è scomparsa e i piedi sono guariti.


The composition of Fungalor against the fungus includes only natural ingredients that quickly soften the nails, so that fungal spores instantly die and do not reproduce anymore. The cream includes: The native extract of beaver musk helps to make the nail plates softer, which allows the active ingredients to quickly eliminate the fungal disease. Oil from celandine has a hemostatic effect, removes soreness, cleanses blood, kills bacteria and heals even the deepest cracks in the skin. Oil from St. John's wort helps to improve blood microcirculation, quickly heals lesions on the skin, removes vascular sprouts on the legs and accelerates stagnation of venous blood, and also kills bacteria and improves the turgor of the dermis. Oil from melissa relieves of burning sensation and itching, removes discomfort and irritation, dermatosis.

Instructions for use

Use Fungalor antifungal cream according to the instructions for use: Take a little cream and spread it over the surface of the affected area with light massaging movements. For prevention, use the drug twice a day for two weeks. For treatment, use the drug every day before going to bed for a month.


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