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What is it?

Drops for potency Hammer of Thor is a unique tool created by scientists based on the recipes of mighty ancient Vikings, who underwent a lot of clinical trials and proved effective, returning tens of thousands of men strength and self-confidence.
A special combination of the components of Hammer of Thor regulates the metabolism in such a way that it stimulates the production of the hormone testosterone by increasing the body’s blood content to the optimum level. The use of the drug can increase sexual desire, strengthens the erection, prolongs the sexual intercourse, strengthens orgasm. In addition, the unique formula of the drug Hammer of Thor stimulates immunity, improves overall health, removes mental and physical fatigue, increases efficiency.


Extraction of invertebrate littorins - A special secret, allocated by coastal invertebrate littorins, promotes the natural production of the hormone testosterone. Extract of northern moss - Extract of rare northern moss Cladonia rangiferina helps to restore full blood flow to the genital organs. Liver of the Sea Devil - Extract from the liver of the Norwegian Sea Devil replenishes the body's lack of zinc, which is necessary for independent reproduction of the body by testosterone. Extraction from Antarctic krill - Organic extraction from Antarctic krill regulates the production of male hormones and permeability of impulses.

Instructions for use

To achieve a good and quality result, you need to take 4-5 drops daily for one to two weeks. This tool for increasing the potency has almost no contraindications. This drug is not addictive and can be combined even with liquor.


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