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Hondrocream – a medicinal product with a warming effect, in the form of a cream for external use. It is used to eliminate symptoms and treat arthrosis, osteochondrosis, inflammatory processes, muscle spasms, posttraumatic conditions, etc. With regular use prevents the destruction of cartilaginous tissue. It has a completely natural composition. Manufacturers confirm the effectiveness of Hondrocream from the first application of the test results and the quality certificate.

Doctors opinion

Doctors opinion Hondrocream
Juanfran Segovia - Sportmediziner, PhD
Die Creme HONDROCREAM ist ein ausgezeichnetes Produkt gegen Arthrose und Osteochondrose. Ich empfehle sie allen Patienten, die mit Rücken- oder Gelenkschmerzen kommen. HONDROCREAM lindert sofort den Schmerz und die Entzündung, regeneriert die Gelenke und die Sehnen und ermöglicht, wieder ein normales Leben zu führen. Die Creme wirkt auch den degenerativen Prozessen entgegen, die mit dem Alter einhergehen, ich persönlich verwende sie gegen Osteochondrose, mir gefällt die sofortige Wirksamkeit, die dauerhaft bleibt; die weitere Anwendung ermöglicht es, die Rückenprobleme zu vergessen.


The composition of the cream Hondrocream is safe and effective due to the fact that it uses natural ingredients that perform important functions: Extract of horse chestnut - even with osteochondrosis or arthrosis does not allow tissues to decompose, promotes nutrition of the skin with useful elements. Extract of red pepper and camphor - warm and soften the muscles, make the pain easier. Menthol - cools skin, tones blood vessels and makes joints more mobile. Oil made from fir and eucalyptus - disinfects, eliminates inflammation. Components are not just natural, but also hypoallergenic. Accordingly, the cream for back pain Hondrocream can be used even by those people who usually have similar reactions to skin irritation and redness. In this case, such troubles are excluded.

Instructions for use

Sick place you determine yourself. And at this site for treatment should be rubbed HONDROCREAM at least twice a day. As indicated on the instructions to this medication: 2-3 times. A prerequisite, as with other ointments for external use, is purity. If you doubt that besides the cream you will begin to rub dirt into the skin, first wash the affected area with soap and then gently dry it with a towel.


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