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What is it?

Hylaroll is a breakthrough of the neck and face. A complete novelty in cosmetology. It will make it easier to take care of your skin.
If you need it, it will be your skin, you will be able to repair everything. Skin, like any other body, requires minerals and vitamins contained in Hylaroll.
There is a lot of cosmetologists involved in the development of positive feedback from specialists and consumers. Already many girls have felt the chances of Hylaroll.
Contrary to cosmetics, it doesn’t hide wrinkles, but it doesn’t make it easy.


It’s not a problem. The roller has a massage feature, allowing you to smooth it up, which is extremely powerful. With the support of the roller, then it is possible to massage the eyelids, which will allow you to relax.

Instructions for use

It is a natural health care product. In the composition of only natural ingredients: Fish eggs; Stem cells that are grape; cotton oil Fish caviar with vitamins enriched with vitamins, amino acids and minerals. The structure consists of stem cells from the harmful effects of power. Cotton seed oil helps to relieve redness and inflammation of the skin.


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