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What is it?

A highly effective remedy for intoxic parasites will help get rid of any kind of worms forever. This medication is used both for immediate therapy of an already infected organism and for preventive purposes. One of the advantages of the pharmaceutical product is the possibility of treating children, starting with three years.


The composition of the medicinal product includes: juice of Sumach fruit; Dzungarian Ferula; auxiliary components; bear bile. The fruits of Sumaha neutralize the processes of decomposition and putrefaction in the intestine. This component effectively removes helminths from the human body. The Dzungar Ferul has a harmful effect on viruses and pathogenic microorganisms. The bile enters the preparation and splits the eggs of the helminths gently. The drug also includes twenty additional components that are designed to help cope with the recovery of the body during treatment from parasites.

Instructions for use

The remedy can be used in treatment, starting from the age of three. Instructions for use Intoxic describes in detail the way the drug is used. The scheme of reception is quite simple: children 3-6 years - thirty minutes before a meal to take a remedy (3 times a day); children 6-12 years - thirty minutes before a meal to take a remedy (2 times a day); adults - half an hour before meals (2 times a day). For children older than 6 years and adults according to the instructions for use, it is recommended to take 10 drops per 1 tablespoon of warm water. For children from 3 to 6 years of age, the dosage should be reduced 2 times.


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