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What is it?

Může být připraven pro zdravé ingredience, ovoce, zeleninu a mléko nebo jemný jogurt. Je to úžasný zdroj proteinových otřesů. Můžete se připravit na svou dietu.

Fantastická nabídka třese. Bylo prokázáno, že lidé mají mnoho času k jídlu. Může to být i trochu pryč.


Foods that are readily available. Of course, the foundation for a beverage is a source of milk, protein, milk, kefir, quark buttermilk or cheese. We recommend you not to recommend popular products today "zero percent". Actually, dissolve fat vitamins (D, E), especially during the fight with obese. You also have been able to enjoy the low-calorie additions, so that you can spice up the taste of cocktails. After all, it was It will make it even more palatable. Depending on our preferences, formulations, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, honey. The human body is m.in. . Dietary fiber, Antioxidants, fatty acids that are good. For evident reasons, you should avoid including sugar. Let's select honey or stevia.

Instructions for use

If you want to get a shake, you’re prepared by experts. It is worth the protein dieting that it offers natural proteins in concentrate. This is a casein case where it can be taken from whey. It would be the best kind of protein origin. Cases of fruits and vegetables, which can prepare cocktails to Eliminate fat: grapefruit oranges, avocado Blueberry, peppers, celery, beet celery, tomato, broccoli carrots


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