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What is it?

“Motion Free” is a modern development in the treatment of diseases of the joints. Undoubtedly, the form of the drug is not new in medical practice, but its composition is actually unique. Components “Motion Free” arranged so that, when applied to the skin surface and penetrating further through it to the joints, instantly aktiviziruyutsya and direct action, not the elimination of pain and other clinical manifestations of disease.


Olive oil enriches with vitamins and microelements, it accelerates the penetration of other components into the tissues of the body. Cedar resin fights inflammation, restores blood vessels, damaged by arthritis or osteoarthritis. Propolis, part "Motion Free" cream for joints, strengthens veins, and helps "dissolve" blood clots in the vessels, and along with it promotes regeneration of tissue and improvement of metabolic processes in them. Other components that are also bee products like bee wax, extract of dead bees, and bee venom have a positive impact on the condition of the blood, improve tissue regeneration, eliminate the painful inflammation of the cartilage and bones.

Instructions for use

In each package of cream “Motion Free” contains detailed instructions on how to properly apply. It must be applied on the problematic area. For this you need to squeeze out of the tube the required amount of cream. This should be done about 3 times a day. Experts note that the exchange rate applied to the skin will help to fix the effect for a long time.


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