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What is it?

Nicoin spray against Smoking designed with a unique formula that allows to refuse completely from cigarettes after only three weeks after the start of application. It contains active compounds that promote the removal of toxins, carcinogens and tar that had accumulated in the period of nicotine addiction. In addition, the anti-Smoking drug has in its composition substances that help to prevent weight gain on the background of refusal of Smoking.


Spray Smoking Nicoin consists of the following active ingredients: 1.nicotinic acid (Niacinamide) — diminishes the need of the smoker for nicotine; 2.hawthorn — has imitating the effect of smoked cigarettes, promotes the oxygenation of the body and normalize blood pressure; 3.St. John's wort — has a soothing and immunomodulatory effects; 3.eucalyptus oil removes toxins from the body and freshens breath; 4.Melissa oil — promotes normalization of metabolism, cleansing of the respiratory system from a nicotine resin.

Instructions for use

To use the tool Nicoin easier and more enjoyable than to smoke a cigarette: one to two human mouth and the desire to get a shot of nicotine ceases. These injections need to do in the same mode as you used to with smoke. Desire drags will fade with each passing day more and more. After 3 weeks, it will disappear and you will no longer want to smoke. The goal will be achieved, and your body is cleared of toxins (nicotine, tar, toxins).


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