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OrthoFix is ??????an extremely effective preparation predicated on indigenous extracts of medicinal plants and components that are organic plant juice micelles to the manufacture of lotions and foot bathtubs that help revive the foot and to eliminate the causes of valgus deformity of the foot.

The OrthoFix natural complex helps to remove edema, redness, skin irritation, and has an effect on cellular fluids the upper epidermis, along with also the form of blood vessels and capillaries adjacent to the subject of deformation. As part of the bioactive natural components of the vascular protective, anti inflammatory and sedative effects, that have a calming influence on the foot, alleviate stress, contribute to a silent fall asleep as a consequence of a mild calming and relaxing effect with a massage influence on the valgus region.


Application Procedures Option 1: Dilute the bag at a basin with reasonably hot water. Wait lower and to dissolve your ankles. Duration of the procedure: 15-20 minutes. Option 2: Dilute the contents of the sachet bag with hot water. Employ the resulting slurry into the affected region of ??????the foot (lump) for about 10-15 minutes.

Instructions for use

Native complex"OrthoFix" comprises bioactive natural substances in purest organic organic form, has an intense penetrating effect during the top layers of the skin, bioavailability and intricate consequences. Phyllanthus niruri - normalizes the amount of synovial acid from the joint that is inflamed; Vitamin - effectively relieves spasmodic conditions, and regulates neuromuscular conduction; Marena - bring to the rapid elimination of oxalates phosphates and urates from the body, which provoke the development of joint and bone diseases; Acid - tissue nourishment blood vessels, also aids revive bone, cartilage and joint tissue; Tissue regeneration - trace components and saturates the body with missing minerals, accelerates, relieves swelling; Ozokerite - alleviates anxiety, has a pronounced analgesic, anti-inflammatory consequences, enhances metabolic processes.


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