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What is it?

Princess Hair — firming mask based on natural ingredients that restore the health of the hair within 1-2 months. Regular use of multifunctional cosmetic products helps to achieve an impressive effect: hair get healthy Shine, become strong and beautiful.


Mask Princess Hair only herbal ingredients. Utility and natural origin of all components activates hair growth, strengthens the structure and prevents the appearance of gray hair. All elements perfectly combine, interact and complement each other. This enhances the effectiveness of medical masks and saves the hair from harmful external influences. In the ingredient composition of the Princess Hair contains: Sea buckthorn oil provides gentle care and comprehensive action. The substance has a regenerating effect, accelerates cell renewal and soothes irritation. The presence of this component in the composition is very useful for health improvement hair after dyeing and heat. Centella asiatica (extract) has potent anti-inflammatory action. Removing irritation, the component improves blood flow, eliminates free radicals, regulates oiliness and dandruff. Many-flowered knotweed. A popular folk remedy allows to solve such problems as brittle hair and graying of hair. This component is responsible for improving the quality of the hair and accelerate their growth. Shea butter retain moisture in the hair structure, protects from the aggressive action of chemicals, UV effects, and hot devices. Plant element revitalizes the scalp, strengthens hair strands, stimulates growth. Avocado revitalizes the hair and makes it shiny. Natural extract has high penetrating power. Deeply absorbed into the skin, the nutrients create a thin film which protects from harmful influence of external stimuli. The complex proteins contribute to the active growth and the appearance of additional volume. Lifeless and dull hair due to the destruction of protein. Protein complex Princess Hair makes up for this deficiency and helps to restore hair's natural strength and beauty. Vitamins A, E, D, F. To activate the "dormant" hair follicles. The vitamin complex effectively fights unhealthy fat and nourishes the epidermis with substances necessary for hair health.

Instructions for use

The recommended course of treatment 1-2 months. The mask is applied 2-3 times a week on clean, damp hair. The tool is rubbed into the skin and gently spread over the length of the hair. Keep not necessary for complete absorption of nutrients enough for 5-7 minutes, then wash off the mask.


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