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What is it?

Prostodin is one of the best natural remedies, specifically designed to treat men. The drug has a beneficial effect on the health of men, removes pain syndrome, swelling in the perineal zone, anus. It is indicated in the treatment of chronic, acute inflammation of the prostate. The drug is used for both treatment and prevention.


Positive effect of the drug on the male body is provided by its natural components: Red root. The second name of this plant is a kopeck tea. It grows in the mountainous regions of Altai. Red root has been used for centuries by local healers to successfully treat and prevent male diseases. He is also able to restore the immune system, have a general tonic effect, strengthen potency and restore sexual function. It is on the basis of this component that Prostinarus cells were created. Musk beaver. This substance is a product of the secretion of the glands of an animal. Its value lies in a large number of biologically active components: phenols, natural steroids, acids, ethereal and resinous compounds, microelements. Due to this, musk stimulates the body, removes inflammation, stops the development of malignant tumors, improves metabolic processes. It is able to positively influence the sexual function: to prevent the reduction of erection and infertility, to increase the duration of sexual intercourse, to improve the quality of seminal fluid. Panty of the Altai Maral. In the period of active growth, maral pantas increase in size by 2 mm per day. Such intensive growth requires the maximum concentration of all the reserves of the animal's body. This explains the rich composition of this natural component. It includes amino acids, microelements, glutamic acid, lipids, glycine, enzymes. In diseases of the male gland, pantas can eliminate pain symptoms, normalize urination and reduce the number of urges. Under the influence of this component, the spasm of the muscle tissues of the gland is gently eliminated, which helps to reduce and completely eliminate painful sensations during the visit to the toilet. The composition does not include synthetic substances.

Instructions for use

It is easy to apply Prostodin. Following the instructions, you can quickly return to health and forget about the problem of prostatitis. Prostodin is available in two forms: in the form of drops and capsules. In the first case, the medication is taken on a teaspoon three times a day before meals. Capsules are drunk on one piece the same way as drops - three times a day. The drug in any form is washed down with water. The therapy lasts for more than a month. During treatment, it is necessary to take regular medication without interrupting the course. Many are afraid to take medications for a long time because of possible complications, side effects. During treatment with Prostodin, no side effects are noted. This is due to the natural substance used.


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