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Biljni ekstrakti dostupni su za uporabu u vitaminima. Djeluje tako što pojačava rad srca, smanjuje krvni tlak, sprječava ozljedu mozga i podmlađuje tkiva koja su krhka. 70 posto od 50 godina doživljava komplikacije krvnog tlaka.

Većina tih čimbenika može dovesti do hipertenzije. Zabrinute kapsule. Ovo je čisti ekstrakt tijela.


If necessary, it should be noted that the capsule is filled with capsules. Take 1 pill a day with plenty of water It depends on your problem Maintain the intake after meals Adhere to the prescribed dose to avoid an overdose Require Recardio with no medication that is other Ingestion for optimum results It can be used as a result of the pulse rate.

Instructions for use

Lysine - This is a component of lysine - reduction and arterial spasms Rose and the Rhodiola B2, B6, and B1-energizes the heart's muscles, eliminates excessive fluid, provides for resistance and also reduces blood pressure. Extracts of Hawthorn and Maidenhair-reduction of blood pressure. Repair and repair For stabilizing blood pressure, extra-herbal extract Recognio as a scientifically proven remedy for hypertension.


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