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What is it?

Royal Black Mask is the perfect tool to fight against oily skin at home. This cream-mask is a unique development of cosmetologists, which makes it easy to get rid of acne and blackheads. Because this problem is so familiar to many, regardless of age. Constant cleansing scrubs, various gels, and other means does not bring the expected effect, and frequent visits to the beautician in the salon is just killing me. But the solution was found! After two weeks of regular use Royal Black Mask you will notice a radical change! Cream mask brings skin to perfection, removing redness, inflammation, oily sheen, blackheads and acne. Skin looks healthy and fresh. Royal Black Mask softens and moisturizes the skin, making it nice and tender to the touch.


Pay attention to the composition Royal Black Mask. Specially selected components allow your skin to effectively resist a variety of contaminants: bamboo charcoal (solves problems with acne, removes the Shine); grapefruit oil (normalizes the function of sebaceous glands: prevents problems with acne); Wheatgrass (tone and tighten the skin); provitamin B5 (reduces redness, moisturizes the skin, creates a smoothing effect).

Instructions for use

Royal Black Mask very easy to use. The cream mask should be applied on cleansed face. Evenly spread the composition on the face with a thick layer, avoiding the area around the eyes, the damaged areas of the skin, do not apply the mask on hair growth. Within 30 minutes the mask will dry and become supple. Your skin during this time enriched with nutrients – it's time to remove the mask! Careful movements to remove it from the face, the remains remove with water. Use Royal Black Mask preferably not more than three times a week course to be held during the month.


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