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What is it?

Royal Gold Mask is a unique tool capable of stopping the signs of skin aging that will eventually appear on the face of the women. The mask contains the valuable component, which triggers the formation of collagen and protein in the cells.
Royal Gold Mask showed themselves, as a means to solve problems of aged skin, topical for most women. After applying the mask ensures the elimination of grooves and folds of the epidermis, and results from a sudden appearance on the skin. The epidermis over time becomes less elastic and appear at first superficial and then deep wrinkles.


Part Royal Gold Mask composed of ultrafine gold particles, which provides air circulation through the fabric. In the result, so that the skin is saturated with oxygen, and the formation of collagen aktiviziruyutsya. A significant number of iodine in seaweed is used as a antiseptic that heals scars after acne, and normalize the action of sebum. The algae also provided trace elements in optimal quantities to promote regeneration of the epithelium. Preventing dehydration of cells, increasing elasticity and firmness of the tissue is achieved by hyaluronic acid. To accelerate the recovery and improve the elasticity of the epidermis in the mask contains collagen. Also needed to reduce deep wrinkles type. The process of exfoliation of dead cells, normalization of the action of the sebaceous glands, clean and tighten pores provides masked by the presence of kaolin. Disinfection and softening can be achieved using the extract from the leaves of bilberry. But his main goal is the reduction of sensitivity to irritants and allergens.

Instructions for use

Before use it is necessary that the face was cleared of makeup and other contaminants. For mixing, the consistency is similar to thick cream you need to take 2 servings of powder in dry form and 1 portion water. Mix well and evenly distribute on the skin. Spread fast because the process of hardening quickly occurs. Preferably in the process of drying of the mask to talk or eat. A few minutes later, the mask hardens and the resulting film can be removed. Use the mask a couple times a week for 2 months.


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