Silane Guard

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What is it?

It is designed to protect the body from moisture. This is a quotation for the team of people who have been scored.


Wash the car wash thoroughly (preferably using a vehicle wash); Where the liquid glass is installed with a degreaser; Dampen the sponge parts of the automobile; Liner with a napkin in the package; Once processing, avoid sunlight and moisture.

Instructions for use

According to the manufacturer, it has been found that it has been found to be a silicon oxide coating, for example, a silicon oxide resin and a silicone rubber. It is light and dark. It is a chemical effect. It is as follows: Packing with a jar; sponge; Fabric; Protective gloves; Directions for use in Russian; If you had purchased non-original products, it would be different. This is why it is not a good idea to buy goods. I purchased from the squirt manufacturer.


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