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What is it?

Tinedol is a versatile, new antifungal ointment, which does the following: neutralize odors; fights foot fungus; eliminates itching between fingers; prevents fungal infection of the nails; removes the peeling.
What distinguishes the cream nail fungus Tinedol from other similar products? – Very many. For a start it is worth noting that this is really effective medication. No additional pills, creams – you do not need to buy all performs one tube Tinedol. In addition, this antifungal ointment really helps for a relatively short time. Simply 2 times a day to try to make time for stops to be cleaned and spread and your problems will go away after 1 week of use and one tube does go.


The basic components that helps to get well soon is: Climbazole – inhibits the development of yeast and bacteria fungus. Thus, it helps to destroy existing colonies of the fungus and prevents new ones. Outwardly, it will be marked mostly at the beginning by the termination of the constant itching and then leaving spots. Farnesol is a unique component, which helps to disinfect the skin and also prevents heavy sweating, which promotes the growth of colonies of the fungus. Outwardly manifested as softening of the skin and a light floral aroma. Tocopherol, or vitamin E – key components of all such ointments. Great fights corns and calluses, which contribute to perpetuation of the fungus on the surface of the foot. Mint extract kills the bad smell of fungus in the first time and cools the skin, which gives easy coolness and comfort. Undoubtedly, also plays an important role, since good health contributes to a more rapid recovery.

Instructions for use

Actually there is nothing difficult, but we will try to describe in details the scheme, including some features that are learned during this time with opinions of people and doctors: Before proceeding – as well wash your feet with soap and water. This applies not only to visible contaminated sites, but the whole foot in General. Hygiene – the basis of a quick recovery. After washed feet, wipe them and you can begin using medication. The first time it is recommended to apply quite a lot of drugs and try to RUB it thoroughly especially in the affected areas of the legs, despite the discomfort from rubbing. The better you will be able to get the cream to absorb – the more he will act. Next, be sure to wait until the cream is almost completely dry, but rather RUB it until dry and then wear socks. Keep in mind that during the period of such illness, you need to wear only clean socks and shoes, so more and more try to take care of the purity "of clothing for the feet" and shoes that you wear than ever.


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