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What is it?

Pak vždy dosáhnete výrazného vlivu na vaši velikost. Výrobek má skvělé poznámky.

Bylo prokázáno, že byla použita kombinace enzymů a afrodiziakum v kombinaci buněk.


It can be packaged or read at the same time. There are 3 chief measures: Squeeze a amount of gel and apply to the bottom: by the glans on the penis. With rubbing and circular movements. Frenulum and glans need attention. Use for 4 weeks.

Instructions for use

Weren't found. Explains the amount of heat that is given to this item. Contraindications to the gel components. Create a test program. The product's ingredients are effective in combination, according to Wikipedia content: Complex Titanium Matrix - to extend the cavernous structures of the manhood of the inside; L-arginine - stretching of blood flow and improving blood flow; Micronized from guarana powder - to boost want and sexuality; Zinc gluconate to stimulate the production of testosterone Snail slime - to make cells and cells more elastic.


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