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What is it?

Halus valgus – from this Greek word combination, denoting the deviation of the thumbs on the legs towards the other fingers with pronounced bulging of the joint, the name of the socks Valgosocks occurs. Over their design, for a long time, German specialists in orthopedics worked, the task of which was to create adaptations, the wearing of which would not be noticeable either during the day or at night. While a woman is asleep or engaged in ordinary affairs, socks should try to remove the bone imperceptibly for herself.


The special design of Valgosocks makes it possible to stabilize the position of the feet and allows you to adjust the loads. The product consists of a belt and two fasteners. The belt firmly covers the back part of the feet, in addition, the metatarsal pad and the garter on the finger provide a reliable fixation. Socks do not constrain the movement of the feet, making it natural and painless. Thus, the simple design of the Valgosocks socks helps to fix the toes in the right position.

Instructions for use

Socks are elementary in use. It is enough to put them on the bare foot and fix it as indicated in the instructions. After that, you put on your favorite shoes (or it's time for rest), and you can forget about medical instruments for many hours.


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