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What is it?

The Varikosette Cream is a revolutionary advanced remedy, which is a real breakthrough in the development of products intended for varicose veins. Innovative super abilities of this drug have allocated this remedy from similar ones. This is achieved due to the fact that the composition is characterized by increased safety, as well as efficiency.


All the ingredients that are included in the presented cream, differ in their absolute naturalness and increased efficiency. Its main components are: Extracts of sunflower and corn stigmas. They have the most beneficial effect on the skin, taking care of it and enriching it with an incredible amount of vitamin and nutrients. And this helps to normalize all the metabolic processes taking place in the cells themselves. Gememalis. Quickly removes discomfort and pain in the legs, as well as all the unpleasant sensations that appear later in the evening. And this component has an antiseptic property, promotes resorption of thrombi, accelerates the healing of damaged small vessels. Ginkgo biloba extract. It blocks all inflammatory processes, improves blood circulation in the lower extremities, increases the elasticity of the blood and venous vessels. Horse chestnut. Eliminates blood clots and vascular reticulum, which spoils the appearance of the skin. It struggles with the fragility of the capillaries, giving them additional elasticity. Resists the formation of blood clots, and all due to the fact that this component stimulates the production of antithrombin within the body. Urea. Reduces bloating of veins, removes existing strong puffiness of soft tissues, suppresses inflammation, heals the vessels. Troxerutin. It reduces the feeling of heaviness in the legs, helps to cope with the appearance of nocturnal cramps in the calf muscles, minimizes the pain that arises and restores the disturbed circulation of the blood stream. Each of the components contributes its amazing, therapeutic contribution to the action of this tool.

Instructions for use

The use of Varikosette cream is very simple. It will not take long to complete the procedure. First, it is recommended to rinse the feet under running water, and after drying dry with a towel. Then you can start applying the product itself. This should be done by massage movements, from the feet to the hips. After this, you need to give him a few minutes, so that it is completely absorbed into the epidermis. And after that you can dress and continue your usual business. Follow the above procedure should be up to 3 times a day. The duration of the entire course is one month. If we are talking about the initial stage of varicose veins, then two weeks of using this cream will be enough.


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