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What is it?

VitaHairMax is your hair strengthener. This is, In case you’ve felt that your own hair becomes even thinner or falls out. It helps to revive and strengthen the hair fiber quickly and naturally.


There are lots of who embraced and have tried this product around Europe remarks are unanimous: its efficacy is proven within a couple of weeks and Vita Hair Max works. It takes a brief time to start discovering the changes, since VitaHairMax is fast and effective, starts from the very first program, is simple and uncomplicated to use, besides being priced at will continue to keep your mouth open!

Instructions for use

What distinguishes this therapy is that VitaHair Max functions to make hair growth, without any contraindications. Because of its makeup with organic ingredients, it manages to increase hair quickly and permanently, being a noninvasive and very successful method. VitaHairMax spray is your hair treatment which works encourage growth, fortify strands and to restore hair health , in the roots to the ends. It's VitaHairMax makeup making it a hair treatment that functions free of contraindications to the formulation. As evidence of this, below you will know what would be the components which compose it: Vitamin: The calcium collected in the entire scalp obstructs the follicles and hair growth. Magnesium is responsible for removing that obstruction. Procapil: rejuvenates the hair follicle, giving growth with better strength, from the roots to the ideas. Keratin: Encourages hair loss, since it offers protection to hair cells. Caffeine: Promotes hair development that is natural, in an accelerated manner.


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