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What is it?

Waist Trainer is the process of gradually reducing the waist with a special corset. This practice was known and widely spread many centuries ago. One use of a special corset instantly gives you a beautiful, sexy silhouette. Long-term use of the corset together with sports and a healthy diet can permanently remove excess centimeters from your waistline.


The basis of the corset is high-quality latex, which guarantees a strong effect of the tightening. The inner cotton layer makes wearing a latex corset comfortable. The corset is made of latex and therefore has a certain density. He will not be seen under more or less free clothes, but under tight clothes from thin fabrics his outlines will be seen.

Instructions for use

Your body should get used to the compression of the corset Waist Trainer. The new product must be worn slightly, otherwise it may be damaged. Do not make sudden movements, do not jerk it. In the first couple of weeks of using the corset, you should not overdo it - start with 2-4 hours a day. Gradually add one to two hours of wearing, until you can not wear a corset all day. Wear a corset to get the desired result! First, fasten the corset to the first row of hooks. After you carry the product and get used to it, you can gradually move to the second row of hooks to make the corset tighter (we offer two and three rows of hooks for sale - depending on your wishes). As the volume of your waist decreases, the corset will become more and more comfortable for you, and will not greatly squeeze you. Congratulations, now you can order your next product - on size smaller!


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