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What is it?

Cream Welltox is used to lighten the skin, eliminate freckles, moles, pigment spots. He removes them by destroying melanin, the pigment that forms in the skin and stains it. And, it does not matter, why the skin has darkened – due to sunburn, age or hormonal splash. Welltox is effective anyway.


As part of Welltox, the main component is the AMELAIN molecule, which is derived from seed oil from safflower and piperonyl alcohol. Other components perform only ancillary function. For skin care: licorice extract; Betaine; Lactic acid. For skin regeneration: vitamin E; kaolin; Rosemary oil. For skin protection: allantoin; Panthenol.

Instructions for use

How to apply Welltox, on the official website is not reported. However, it is not difficult to guess that it must be applied regularly to the face. The only question is how many times a day it needs to be done. You can get this information from the consultant who will take your order from you. If necessary, call back on the official Welltox website you can order only for the purpose of obtaining additional information - this does not oblige you to purchase. Notable results - skin lightening at 4 tones - are promised by Welltox manufacturer after 2 weeks of applying the cream. The maximum effect develops after 4 weeks of its regular use.


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