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What is it?

“Artrotok” is a gel for the joints and ligaments, which is the best tool for treating the pathology of the musculoskeletal system. Effects:
elimination of pain and inflammation;
restoration of the structure and function of the joint;
achievement of long-term remission of the disease;
reduction of symptoms within three days;
affects all joints, including intervertebral joints.

Doctors opinion

Doctors opinion Artrotok
Olaf Seemann - 23 Jahre Berufserfahrung
Ich rate meinen Patienten mit Gelenkerkrankungen verschiedenen Ursprungs und Schweregrads Artrotok-Gel. Natürlich können es nicht alle aufgrund der begrenzten Herstellung kaufen. Das Gel wirkt lokal, dringt direkt in den Raum der Gelenkkapsel ein und wirkt gezielt unmittelbar auf die Beseitigung der Erkrankung. Die einzigartige Zusammensetzung von Artrotok regeneriert geschädigtes Knorpelgewebe, beseitigt Schmerzen und Entzündungen der Gelenke und stellt ihre normale Funktion wieder her. Es ist ausgezeichnet für die Behandlung von Osteochondrose, Arthritis, Arthrose und Störungen des Haltungs- und Bewegungsapparates geeignet.


The remedy consists only of natural components, the complex effect of which provides an amazing effect: Collagen - is involved in the work of virtually all organs and tissues in the body, is responsible for the condition of bones, hair, nails. With regular use of this protein improves the immune system, improves metabolism, reduces cholesterol, reduces joint pain, and improves the condition of hair and skin. In addition, collagen of the second type, which is contained in the drug, returns elasticity to the tendons, restoring the damaged areas. Jerusalem artichoke, or Jerusalem artichoke, removes toxins from the body, increases immunity, prevents the penetration of viruses, parasites and various pathogens into the body, assists in the treatment of polyarthritis, helps restore motor activity. Calcium is vital for strengthening the tissues and bones of the body, participates in the processes of muscle contractility, activates the work of certain enzymes and hormones. With a lack of calcium, joint pain, numbness of the limbs, convulsions are felt. Glucosamine - is one of the building elements of connective tissues, binds tissues to each other, making them strong. Takes part in the formation of cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones, valvular valves, blood vessels and other organs. It also strengthens the immune system and takes part in the synthesis of hormones and enzymes. Chondroitin - gives flexibility and elasticity of the cartilaginous tissue, relieves pain, increases the strength and mobility of the joints, maintains the optimal level of synovial fluid. Vitamin D is needed to improve the functioning of the immune system, strengthens bone tissue, promotes rapid bone growth in fractures, healing of sprains, and reduces muscle pain.

Instructions for use

"Artrotok" is applied to the affected joints. The bottle is equipped with a dispenser. When you click on it, the required amount of gel is allocated. If the joint is large, you can press the dispenser several times. The course of treatment is 14 days.



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