About us

About us

iRecommendz.com started its work in 2019, and now it is constantly developing and improving. For many years now, we have been expanding our database of popular companies, online stores, goods and services to make it easier for our users to get an idea of ​​any element. It is for this reason that user reviews are checked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can be sure that we will not allow us to libel, insult or intentionally lower or deceive the rating of a company, service or product. Thanks to our service, you can find the information you need about any product. Every review is important to us, because it can be decisive in choosing other users who are confused.


Every day a person is faced with a choice. It could be the clothes he wants to wear to work, the food he wants to eat for breakfast. But thats not all. Every day people make a choice in favor of a product or service. Our service is designed to continuously assist users in making the right decision when choosing a company or a particular store. The Zetreview Reviews site is a resource that will help you share your experience in specific situations related to any purchase, as well as check the reputation of a particular store or company. In order not to be unfounded, users can leave photo and video reviews about the product. This makes it easier for users to navigate the reviews and realize their honesty. You do not have to spend a lot of time studying product reviews on different sites. In the iRecommendz.com service, everything is collected in one place. All the pros and cons of the object are painted in a simple and understandable language. It will take only a few seconds to understand the service and get the desired result.

Our users leave a large number of reviews every day about the products, services, and companies they have used, so you can be sure of the accuracy of the information provided by us and hundreds of our customers. We are constantly monitoring the updates of these reviews, improving the service, making it better. You can be sure that we do not have outdated information about old services or products, because just as the assortment in stores changes, reviews on our service are updated.


Our service cooperates with a large number of large and well-known companies throughout the country. These are various online stores, clinics, care product companies and many others.They are not interested in the loss of reputation and potential customers, therefore, in the event of an unpleasant situation, they will help to find the best way out for both parties in the shortest possible time. Also, we not only provide information about services, but also give each regular user the opportunity to leave their sincere feedback on a product or service on our website, which will undoubtedly help other people who doubt their choice. On the site, everything is described in detail and clearly about goods of completely different categories. Absolutely every visitor who doubts the choice can use our service and make a choice in favor of the best products.
The iRecommendz.com team will always help you make the right choice. We are waiting for you on our website.