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Cream Maxlift is a unique serum-cream, which has the effect of lifting. This product appeared on the cosmetic market relatively recently, but many women have already acquired this rejuvenating agent and tested it on their experience. This product is based on a complex of active substances that help to give the skin a smooth structure and an ideal appearance.

Doctors opinion

Doctors opinion MaxLift
ANASTÁZIA CIERNIK - špecialistka Kozmetického centra
Klinické štúdie ukazujú, že už po krátkodobom používaní omladzujúcej masky možno spozorovať zlepšenie stavu pokožky tváre, zlepšenie zraku a celkového zdravia. Omladzujúca maska je skutočnou záchranou pre tých, ktorí nemajú čas a ani peniaze na pravidelné návštevy kozmetičky.


Collagen is an integral component of skin youth. When this substance is deficient, the elasticity fibers of the skin lose their supporting properties, and the epidermis becomes flabby. The appearance of wrinkles is also a consequence of the lack of collagen in the skin. This substance, supplied by the cream, helps restore the elasticity of the epidermis and saturates it with the necessary amount of liquid. Collagen is also responsible for the regeneration of tissues. Urea is a natural moisturizer that is present in the natural moisturizing factor of the epidermis. Synthetic version of urea, used in cosmetics, helps to saturate the epidermis with moisture and restore the water-lipid balance. Urea also helps to prevent the evaporation of fluid from the cells and perfectly conducts other components of cosmetics in the deep layers of the epidermis. Hyaluronic acid is a component that has an intense moisturizing effect. It saturates the cells with the necessary amount of moisture and binds it in the intercellular space. This action allows you to prevent the evaporation of the fluid and drainage of the skin. In addition, hyaluronic acid is responsible for the regeneration of tissues, helps to heal damage and fill wrinkles. This component softens the epidermis and gives it a uniform tone. Clay is a component of Maxilift cream, which has a tightening effect and smooths wrinkles. In addition, clay exerts an antioxidant effect, neutralizing the effect of free radicals in the skin.

Instructions for use

Apply with fingertips to problem areas (wrinkles, flabby skin) and allow the serum to absorb. Remainder of whey removed with a damp napkin or cotton pad, apply makeup. After 8-10 hours wash off the serum with water.


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