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African Mango


What is it?

African Mango, or rather – African mango is Irvingia ganonensis’ fruit – plants of the Irwingaceae household. It occurs naturally in West Africa and Central Africa.

Back in Poland, African Mango can be obtained in the form of a nutritional supplement. One capsule of the preparation contains around 600.00 milligrams of African rosemary infusion.

Since the maker of this groundwork ensures, African Mango is a way that:

effectively burns fat
Removes toxins from the body
Reduces appetite
Reduces cholesterol
Supports the digestive tract
It’s worth noting that African Mango does not include unnecessary fillers – i.e. the product is based just on African mango extract.


It's stated that the best evaluation of the efficacy of a specific supplement is to review reviews and testimonials. In the instance of African Mango you can speak of a happening - that the huge majority of ratings, comments and opinions are positive. Supplements for reducing is a sort of novelty. Most often, consumers praise African Mango for substantial efficiency. There's absolutely not any shortage of opinions stating that this step enables you to shed kilograms a month. We would like to be aware that these results must be expected if we take good care of daily diet and physical activity.

Instructions for use

The dietary supplements market for slimming is huge. Manufacturers are continuously introducing new alternatives to the market which, in reality, do not stand out with anything particular, i.e. based on precisely the exact ingredients. In the instance of African Mango, we can't talk about a"fake". The maker doesn't use any fillers - it's based only on rosemary infusion. The Entire composition (data from the Item leaflet) is as follows: Irvingia Gabonensis (African Mango) Seeds Powder, Capsule Shell: Gelatine, Color: Titanium Dioxide.


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