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Alco Barrier – a unique tool that will help any person get rid of alcohol dependence. It reduces cravings for alcoholic beverages, balances a person’s mental state, and also removes all toxins from the body. To say alcohol “No” with this drink is very easy, and its regular application will forever forget about the terrible dependence.

Doctors opinion

Doctors opinion AlcoBarrier
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AlcoBarrier doporučuji všem svým pacientům – těm, kteří přicházejí z flámu, a těm kteří pijí málo, ale ve skutečnosti chtějí zcela přestat. Tento nástroj nejen odstraňuje psychologickou závislost na alkoholu, ale také obnovuje tělo, má pozitivní vliv na játra, srdce, ledviny, nervovou soustavu. Komplexní účinky preparátu pomáhají pacientům přestat pít a rychle se vrátit k normálnímu životu


The drink helps the body to cope with alcohol dependence on its own, and practically does not require efforts from the person. Such an excellent effect is due to the unique composition of Alco Barrier: Artichoke extract. Useful vegetable component, which helps to reduce cravings in alcoholic beverages. In addition, it has a detoxification effect, which allows you to remove harmful substances from the body after a long use of alcohol. Fibregam is a gum acacia, which has a general restorative effect and removes intoxication. Motherwort extract. Beneficially affects the human nervous system, saturates the body with essential vitamins, which contributes to the overall strengthening of immunity. Succinic acid is known for removing the hangover and significantly reducing the toxic effect of alcohol. Vitamin B6, which is in short supply in most people who suffer from alcohol dependence. This vitamin is responsible for improving the mental state of a person and removing cravings for alcohol.

Instructions for use

In the application of the agent there is nothing complicated, since it is a water-soluble powder. The result will be noticeable after the first use of the therapeutic drink. Experts recommend taking 1-2 packets per day. The instructions for use of Alco Barrier, packaged with the product, describe in detail how this product should be used: dissolve the powder in a small amount of water; drink a drink, do not drink it with water and do not seize food for a while; reduction in craving for alcohol occurs instantaneously.


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