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The Artrolux + cream is a natural remedy based on 100% natural ingredients with a unique and innovative action formula, which offers a complete treatment from joint pain, back pain, muscles, kneeand shoulders, etc.. ) Artrolux + provides and analgesic activity, whether it is pain caused by diseases such as pain or arthritis caused by injury due to joint or muscle reduction.


Optimize the positive therapeutic effects of the Artrolux + cream and To be able to get the best results from the treatment, it is essential to follow the directions from the Artrolux + leaflet. Remedy with Artrolux + lotion must be preserved for a period of 30 days for greatest effect. The cream is used daily, 2-3 times every day on painful areas, joints, back, shouldersand knees, etc.. Until fully absorbed from the skin, apply a thin coating of Artrolux + lotion and massage using circular motions. It's very important for an hour after using the lotion, the various area doesn't come in contact with water. Artrolux + lotion is a great treatment for individuals that suffer with muscle pain and extreme joint.

Instructions for use

The ingredients of this Artrolux + cream makeup are 100% natural ingredients with strong healing properties. The Artrolux + action formula is based on 6 active components that cover a vast range of muscular and joint disorders. Details about the composition of Artrolux + cream are available on the official site of the manufacturer. Below is the listing of Artrolux + active components: horse chestnut seed extract - a limiting effect in the metabolic procedure for joint diseases such as arthritis or arthritisand provides the nourishment required for joint tissues for quick recovery devil's claw extract - components with very powerful antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties boswelia extract marine colagene chondroitin glucosamine The elements of this Artrolux + cream are processed with a particular procedure, so the concentration of bioactive compounds in the finished product is as large as you can.


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