Great products for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are one of the most common problems observed among the diseases of small proctology. This disease is very common, its frequency does not decrease, but only increases. If we talk about the causes of the development of this disease, then we can single out everything that can cause stagnation in the circulatory system of the pelvis, in addition, it may be a genetic predisposition. Now there are many different methods of treating hemorrhoids, they are increasingly being introduced into life, they give excellent results, and these methods are also very beneficial.

List of treatments for hemorrhoids

  • Ligation with latex rings. This method was developed back in 1954, a special latex ligature is applied on the basis of hemorrhoids, the hemorrhoids are pressed down and lead to necrosis, the wounds are scarred, the result is recorded. Thanks to this method, it is possible to prevent the increase, as well as the prolapse of hemorrhoids.
  • Desarterization. This method was proposed back in 1995, then the method was slightly changed, it began to include additional procedures. In Russia, this method appeared in 2003. This method consists in the fact that with the help of an ultrasonic sensor, hemorrhoids are detected, all tributaries are tied up, it begins to wrinkle, and then disappears.
  • Sclerotherapy. This method consists in the fact that special means are introduced into the lumen of the expanded cavity, which blind these cavities, the node decreases as a result. Some time ago this method was very popular, but it has some peculiarities. Because of this, this method is not popular in wide circles.
  • Laser submucosal destruction. This method was developed in 2008. Through a puncture of the skin with a laser light guide, the nodes are heated, as a result, the tissue begins to collapse. This method has a thermal effect, so you have to anesthetize the patient before the procedure.


At the moment, there are many different means by which hemorrhoids are treated.