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When symptoms of menopause appear, it becomes simply impossible to lead a normal life. Naturally, the situation must be corrected. It is quite possible to achieve normalization of the state. To do this, you just need to learn about the best methods for eliminating the clinical manifestations of menopause.

Ways to manage menopause symptoms

To normalize the state, resort to the use of the following methods:
  • Change in lifestyle and diet. You should move more, join the sport. In this case, it is recommended to add nuts, berries, vegetables and fruits to the menu. the amount of animal fats and carbohydrates consumed is reduced. It is also worth getting rid of excess weight and addictions, devote the proper amount of time to rest;
  • reception of vitamin-mineral complexes. Thanks to the intake of all the necessary substances in the body, the symptoms of menopause become less pronounced. In addition, it is possible to prevent the development of serious diseases that often appear with age. It also reduces the signs of aging. The condition of the skin, nail plates and hair improves, wrinkles become less noticeable. Vitamins of group B, Omega-3, vitamin D and calcium are of particular benefit;
  • taking drugs that normalize the activity of the central nervous system. indicated for the manifestation of cognitive disorders, insomnia, depression. In this case, you can use preparations on a synthetic and vegetable basis. In especially difficult cases, they resort to prescribing antidepressants and tranquilizers;
  • hormonal treatment. Allows you to get rid of the symptoms of menopause. Hormone replacement therapy helps to achieve a pronounced effect. The method involves taking drugs containing progestogens and estrogens. The course of treatment and dosage are selected by the doctor strictly on an individual basis.
All of these methods are effective and help to eliminate the symptoms of menopause. True, there are also many more affordable and safer means that are more effective.With their use, it is possible to get rid of the symptoms of menopause as soon as possible. Such funds are presented in the widest range. After reviewing their list, each woman will be able to choose the best option for herself.
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