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What is it?

Derila – is a unique pillow, the use of which will significantly improve the quality of sleep, make it less sensitive and increase the amount of energy upon awakening. Often improper positioning of the head and spine during sleep causes a lot of unpleasant and even painful sensations and negatively affects the quality of sleep. As a consequence of this doctors recommend choosing the pillow option particularly carefully for constant use.
Derila is an ideal pillow that will make you feel great while falling asleep, during sleep, and after waking up. The fact that the pillow adapts to the peculiarities of the human body – its weight and size, so it repeats the ideal anatomic shape. And what else is worth knowing about the product before buying it?

Derila - Information
Product name Derila
Official site
Price Derila 39$
Country United Kingdom, USA, India, Philippines
Storage conditions Keep it away from children
Availability on Amazon Availability in pharmacies
Availability in pharmacies No
Payment Cash-on-delivery
Delivery time 5-10 days
Availability In stock
Composition All-natural
Reviews Mostly positive

Composition of the product

Quite a striking positive feature of the pillow is that it is made of smart foam, which adapts to the peculiarities of the human body. It is the use of such foam that has made the Derila pillow an ideal option for quality sleep. All materials used directly in the manufacturing process of Derila are completely safe and hypoallergenic. As a consequence, the pillow is suitable for everyone and is considered one of the most versatile products in todays market. The product itself also has the appropriate quality certification, on the basis of which it is sold. Potential buyer can easily view the documents and a detailed description of the product before purchase.

Instructions for use

The proper use of the pillow is as simple as possible, as a result of which it is considered quite versatile and has a large distribution. The user simply places the pillow so that during sleep the neck is placed on the largest of them and the head is located in the recess. It is worth noting that with this arrangement of the pillow is convenient to sleep in any position - on your side, back, and stomach. As a consequence, you can change the position to find a comfortable. A great advantage of the Derila pillow is that its surface cools quickly and takes minimal heat from the body.

How does it work?

The Derila pillow keeps your neck and head in a normal position, which has a positive effect on your overall well-being and quality of sleep. With the right positioning of the pillow it is comfortable to lie on in any position, so that a person can choose the most comfortable way to sleep.
Derila is made with specialized foam, which quickly and accurately adjusts to the peculiarities of the spine and head, which has a positive effect on the feeling during and after sleep.
Incorrect positioning of the spine during sleep on a regular basis causes a huge number of problems with the general condition, from simple headaches, to the appearance of curvatures and more serious symptoms. That is why you should think about buying Derila as soon as possible.

Indications for use

The use of Derila is recommended in any case, even without the presence of serious problems. The pillow helps to create an anatomically correct curve of the spine during sleep, as a result of which headaches, neck and back pain, anxiety, irritability after waking up and other things that cause a lot of discomfort disappear.


Derila has no contraindications to use.

Doctor's review

Derila came across in my life quite a long time ago - purchased on the advice of an osteopath acquaintance. After buying the pillow headaches disappeared immediately, literally within a couple of days, and greatly improved my general condition. As a result, became actively recommend this purchase to many of my clients who complain about poor quality sleep.

Price Derila


Where to buy?

Official store


Where is it available?

Derila is sold everywhere. It can be delivered to you wherever is convenient.

Can I buy it in pharmacy?

You can't buy it in pharmacies, it is available only on the official website

How long will delivery take?

It usually takes 4-7 days for delivery depending on the city you are in.

Where can I find the official Derila website?

You need to click on the button below and go to the official website where this product is available.

How to order Derila?

To order, you have to go to the official website, leave your phone number and your name there. The manager will call you back and confirm the order details

Derila is a hoax?

No. We analyzed all information about Derila and found no evidence that this is a fraud.

Are there any negative reviews on Derila?

We haven't found any negative reviews from real customers on Derila?



Specifications: 4.6
Price: 4.8
Packing quality: 4.5
Ease of application: 4.8
Delivery speed: 4.7
Structure: 4.5
Efficiency: 4.8
Overall rating: 4.7
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I bought Derila for my mother as a gift. She noted a great improvement in sleep, no unpleasant symptoms and constant waking up at night as before. I can definitely recommend this purchase.


I bought Derila a couple of months ago and I am very happy with it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!


I have been using Derila for a couple of weeks now and I can see a great improvement in my sleep. I sleep like a baby and when I wake up I am full of energy. I would recommend it.